Your Debt Freedom, Our Helping Hand

P. Derrick Seagraves | Sanctuary Financial

Please let me know when we can talk about it?

We will have a video call so that you can see my screen and your new debt-free date!

I just found this, thank you for looking

I was recently introduced to a guided debt-free program that saved someone dear to me over 24 years of interest and $220,000! They will debt free and saving much sooner. I am especially impressed with this program due to my work history at Wells Fargo Financial, where I re-assigned millions in debt for consumers.

Please think of anyone you know that this might help while you watch, for when we talk next? Personally we are already enjoying the benefits of living debt free, but want to help guide others.

This is NOT:

  • Debt Consolidation (which traps you)
  • Debt Re-negotiation (which destroys your credit)

2 minute comparison video:

12 minute Debt Elimination - How it works demo video

(Delete 15 months of interest payments fast)

Can we please talk more about this?

I know that you might not have a personal need, but this is exciting, and it could help lots of people!

If I showed this to you, then I plan to follow up and hear what you think.

All my best to you!

-P. Derrick Seagraves | Eagle River, AK

23 min.mp4

23 min Demonstration Video

This is a video of how the tool actually works, and I think you'll find it amazing. If you want to see your actual numbers, then I think that you should see this first.

Talk to you soon!

PS: If (only if) you think this might help you personally, I can create a free preview with your actual numbers. You only need to fill out this form entirely and I’ll show you on a video-conference exactly what the program will do. You’ll decide if it’s worth a fit:

(Be sure to use the form from the scheduling link so we are ready!)